How should the AMN be funded?

New book on use and occupancy map surveys

"The land is our life. Without the land we can't survive. It's as simple as that."
-George Smith, Cree-Metis Trapper

Aboriginal Community Land and Resource Management Geospatial Data Needs Assessment

GeoConnections is working to facilitate the use and exchange of
location-based or "geospatial" data to help support land and resource
management by Aboriginal organizations. GeoConnections contracted
Makivik Corporation to assess the land and resource management data
needs of Aboriginal communities, and to identify custodians and
suppliers of the required data.


Geomatics Engineering, Sessional Assistant Lecturer, York University

The Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering, York University, is seeking an excellent candidate for a three-year alternate-stream contractually limited appointment in Geomatics Engineering at the rank of Sessional Assistant Lecturer.