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The Center for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) Presents:
A Climate Change Workshop for First Nations 

June 11-12, 2008

Many predict that First Nations will be among the first to experience the effects of a changing climate because of their close relationship with the land and water. However, First Nations are often the people who have the least access to information about climate change or what they can do to adapt to climate change impacts.

It is important that all Canadians, especially First Nations, are aware of the climate change impacts they are likely to face, plan so they are prepared for these impacts, and develop adaptable and sustainable communities while also minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced. It sounds like a great deal to accomplish but it all starts with the need. will to succeed and the right information.

This 2-day workshop will provide participants with an:

  • Overview of climate change issues
  • Opportunity to explore the impacts climate change on local, regional, and global scales
  • Opportunity to explore the responses, responsibilities and action taken by various groups and levels of government in terms of climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Overview on renewable energy and energy efficiency options
  • Opportunity to design a community action plan for climate change adaptation and mitigation

Workshop Benefits:

CIER believes that the best strategies and mechanisms for a First Nation to adapt to a changing climate are those developed by its members because they know fundamentally what will work in their First nation and what will not. To do this effectively requires knowledge of the issues, what alternatives other First Nations have tried and where to go to find additional information and support for climate change initiatives. CIER's Climate Change Workshop for First Nations is designed specifically to do this.


The cost to attend this 2-day workshop is $675. Please register before May 30, 2008. The workshop will be held at CIER's Winnipeg office.

For more information email or call at (204)956-0660.

Registration forms are available below.