First Citizen's Fund

The First Citizens' Fund is a $25 million fund established by the Government of British Columbia in 1969. Interest earned on the fund is dedicated to enhancing social, educational, and economic development opportunities for North American Aboriginals (status, non-status, Métis and Inuit) who normally reside in British Columbia.

Programs and Services

1. Aboriginal Business Development  

Five Aboriginal financial institutions located throughout the province provide First Citizens Fund business loans for business start-up and expansion. All borrowers in the program have access to confidential advice and business support services. To enhance the provision of business services around the province, Business Advisory Centres were established in Fort St. John and Cranbrook.

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2. Families, Youth and Elders

Three First Citizens Fund programs help Aboriginal families, youth and communities realize their own goals and dreams for success.

  • Student Bursary Program
  • Friendship Centre Program
  • Elders Transportation Program

These programs support Aboriginal students to pursue educational opportunities, enhance Friendship Centres' ability to deliver culturally responsive support services for Aboriginal people and their families in urban settings, and assist elders traveling to heritage, cultural and educational workshops and conferences.

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3. Heritage, Language and Culture

With the support of the First Citizens Fund, the First Peoples' Heritage, Language and Culture Council delivers language and arts programs and develops resources to support the revitalization of BC's Aboriginal languages, arts and cultures.

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Maximum funding $75,000 for Business Loan program, $2,000 per Student Bursary, $1,000 for Elders Travel and no maximum given for Friendship Center or Heritage, Language and Culture.