Potential Data Sources for Conservation Mapping

 A Land Based Data Matrix

This matrix was originally created in September 1998 during development of mapping and Geographic Information System services within the Land Stewardship Office. It is likely out of date due to its age; however, it may still help mappers find data. 

This is a matrix intended to improve access to land based information on Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands for conservation mapping. Information about: source, theme, scale, dating, data format, accessibility, contacts, geographic extent, uses, and other notes is included. The majority of the 100+ different themes pertains to digital spatial datasets. However, some hardcopy (paper), database, and literature sources are included because their contents can be associated with spatial data.

The matrix was prepared by the Habitat Acquisition Trust in conjunction with Ecotrust Canada for the HAT Land Stewardship Office. For the most part the information in this database was verified by contacts, however, few of the data sets themselves were investigated and neither HAT, Ecotrust Canada, or the Land Stewardship Office can guarantee the validity of those data sets. Future user of any data found through this reference must be responsible and determine the relevance and accuracy of the data for themselves.

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