GIS Data Depot

The purpose of the GIS Data Depot is to promote the open exchange and free transfer of geospatial data over the Internet. The GIS Data Depot currently has over 50,000 unique web pages containing free geographic data for 250 countries.

The GIS Data Depot enables you to download data from a catalog of over one million domestic and international datasets, including nearly all digitally available USGS 24K, 100K, 250K DLG quadrangles, numerous statewide datasets, DEMs, DRGs, DOQQs, and satellite imagery.

Most of the vector data is available in E00, SHP, MIF, DXF, or DLG SDTS format with the raster data being either TIFF or JPEG format. Smaller files can be downloaded free of charge, for larger files GIS Data Depot charges a small fee for compiling the requested data, writing it onto a CD, and shipping.