BC Albers Projection

This projection has since been officially adopted by the BC Government as one of three (BC Albers, Geographics, and UTM) standard projections for spatial data storage and use.

It is based on Albers Equal Area Conic, with parameters of :

Central meridian: -126.0 (126:00:00 West longitude)
First standard parallel: 50.0 (50:00:00 North latitude)
Second standard parallel: 58.5 (58:30:00 North latitude)
Latitude of projection origin: 45.0 (45:00:00 North latitude)
False northing: 0.0
False easting: 1000000.0 (one million metres)
Datum: NAD83 CNT (Canadian National Transformation Matrix)
Ellipsoid: GRS80Units: Meters