Blue Marble Geographics - Geographic Explorer - FREE GIS!

Blue Marble Geographics' free explorer is a powerful tool that allows you to:

  • View raster and vector maps
  • Add Geography and Spatial Objects tabs to the Properties of the map file
  • Supports CAD/GIS file formats:
    • ESRI SHP
    • AutoCAD R14 DWG and DXF
    • MapInfo TAB and MIF
    • Microstation DGN (2D only)
    • Blue Marble BML
    • TIFF
    • Windows BMP
    • JPEG
  • Translate map file formats to and from SHP, DXF, DWG, TAB, MIF and DGN (read only)
  • Find, view, print, and copy any map fileto the clipboard based on it's geographic location.
  • Plus more!