International Systemap Corp.

This B.C. based company is a developer of digital photogrammetric and orthophoto mapping systems.

PurVIEW converts Arc- desktops into precise stereo-viewing and accurate Virtual-Z 3D feature digitizing environment. The well-proven technology exploits geo-referenced aerial or space-borne imagery and DEM, standard data staples for orthophoto processing—also used in ESRI Image Server .

Orthophotos are uniform-scale map-like rectified imagery. Unfortunately, apparent tall feature leans—due to uncorrected object forms rarely modeled in a DEM—cause horizontal positional shifts for the tops…and lee-side occlusion for the base and adjacent features, hampering feature digitizing especially in urban and forestry applications.

PurVIEW eliminates this handicap as not only relief, but also tall objects all appear upright. Even feature occlusion in extreme cases can be overcomeby Virtual-Z digitizing the unaffected primary image.