Salmon Nation: People and Fish at the Edge

People and Fish at the Edge

Edited by Edward C. Wolf and Seth Zuckerman,1999

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SALMON NATION takes you behind the headlines in the company of six knowledgeable guides to a deeper understanding of the most celebrated fish of western North America. Thoughtful essays by Native American writer Elizabeth Woody, fisheries biologist Jim Lichatowich, journalist Richard Manning, former commercial fisherman Freeman House, and writer Seth Zuckerman trace the relationship between people and salmon from the days of abundance that sustained Northwest Coast native cultures to the troubled world of salmon today. The authors suggest a future of rivers restored and fishing livelihoods revived a future still within our reach.

Geographer Dorie Brownell's full-color maps of the state of Pacific salmon today, published here for the first time, offer a powerful "big picture" perspective that lends new urgency to efforts to heal the breach between people and salmon.