Integrated Cadastral Information Society

The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) is a partnership of British Columbia's major utilities, provincial government ministries and crown corporations and local governments. Their vision is to create a single source of high quality, integrated provincial land and land-related data. Provincial government ministries and agencies and major utilities support ICIS through human resources and data contributions and membership fees. Local governments contribute their land-related data.

Core Data includes, with respect to any parcel of land:

  • Information from TRIM;
  • Parcel and interest fabric from Tantalis;
  • Parcel title information from the Land Title system;
  • Location of utility underground infrastructures and above ground poles;
  • Location of municipal infrastructure (e.g. sewer, water);
  • Street address;
  • Legal description;
  • Parcel identifier (pin or pid);
  • Folio Identification number;
  • Administrative boundaries (electoral areas; local government boundaries, provincial government administration areas, Land Districts; and Land Title Districts.);
  • Agricultural Land Reserve;
  • Indian Reserves;
  • Provincial and federal parks;
  • Assessment areas.

ICIS is only available to members (Local Governments, Province of BC and Utilities), but a test map is available at their website: