Selkirk College

The Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems is a 12-month program (8 months course work & 4 month work term) that utilizes advanced geospatial technology to provide leading-edge training. The program prepares individuals to be trained geospatial experts in the environmental planning, business, industry and resource sectors. Emphasis in the program will be upon providing opportunities for learners to work on real world projects that require the latest technology enabling them to build advanced expertise in Geographic Information Systems, (GIS) remote sensing, Internet mapping technology, database management applications, global positioning systems (GPS), 3D visualization and a variety of related software applications. This is an intensive program designed for learners entering with a recognized diploma/associate degree or higher and a background in the aforementioned computerized technologies; however, applicants with the requisite work experience and a background in GIS will be considered.

see also Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre