Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Launches Geographic Portal

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
November 16, 2005

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada celebrates International geographic information systems (GIS) day by launching an intra/internet geographic portal. This new Web site is making location based data and geographic map visualization available to Canadians and First Nations communities with an interest in geomatics. The INAC GeoPortal project, initiated by Corporate Services Information Management Branch (IMB) and developed in partnership with the INAC Geomatics community of practice and the GeoConnections Program, enables users to quickly view maps on line within a First Nations context.

The INAC GeoPortal is a new addition to the existing suite of federal geographic information portals. The GeoPortal provides access to numerous tools and services to address the requirements of a broad audience whether novice or experienced Geographic Information System (GIS) users, both internal and external, to INAC. Users can easily retrieve pre defined dynamic views of INAC maps and selected business information combined with geographic data from other government and private organizations.

The Intranet version of the Website allows geographers and GIS specialists to build upon the spatial infrastructure (tools, data and services) to quickly enable mapping, analysis and geographic visualization. Some common uses for digital map based information includes emergency response, monitoring of the environment, natural resources and land management, claims, transportation planning and asset management.

IMB supports and maintains the GeoPortal. The GeoPortal helps to support the activities of the department with regard to more effective decision making in land use and resource management ; negotiating land claim agreements to ensure certainty of title and land access; strengthening stewardship with regard to environmental management and supports the sustainable development of the North's natural resources.

About GeoConnections: GeoConnections is a national partnership program led by Natural Resources Canada to build the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI). The CGDI is an online resource ( that enables Canadians to use and combine geographic information (e.g., maps, satellite images) over the Internet to gain new insights into social, environmental, and economic issues. By enabling users to quickly view maps on-line within a First Nations context, the INAC Geoportal represents an important component of the CGDI.

Original Press Release, where you can access the GeoBrowser or search by Metadata.

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