GIS technician, Cameroon - DL: May 31

START DATE: June 12th

Please note: The application deadline is end of day May 31st. Interviews will be held on June 2nd and the position starts on June 12th in Smithers, BC.

Thank you for your interest in the One Sky Youth Internship program. This information was compiled in order to familiarize potential applicants with the proposed program, its objectives and background. If you have any further questions please contact our office at 250-877-6030 or We will accept applications by snail mail or by e-mail (not fax). We receive a
considerable amount of correspondence and inquiries regarding our internships - please exercise patience.


This internship program is the result of a successful application to the Canadian International Development Agency. We have completed the hiring process for interns in Mali and Sierra Leone. We are still hiring for the position of GIS Technician in Cameroon.

One Sky:

One Sky's mission is to "promote sustainable living globally". One Sky works in partnership with organizations in Sierra Leone, Nigeria and here in Canada to promote sustainable living practices. We work on policy issues internationally, nationally and locally as well as with our partners to implement "on the ground", practical solutions to sustainable living such as organic agriculture, renewable energy, community-based natural resource management and micro-credit programs for women. We are a small but growing organization that uses resources and networks strategically to affect positive change toward sustainable living. We currently have a small-scale agriculture project in Sierra Leone as well as a bilateral project in Nigeria with over 10 stakeholders involved. Locally we are taking steps to create a sustainable office and to promote energy conservation and sustainable living alternatives. Nationally we're working with other ENGOs as part of a clean energy alliance.

Overseas Partner:

GTZ has been operating in Cameroon for 30 years. It has aligned its technical cooperation activities with the priorities of the Cameroonian Government, focusing especially in the areas of decentralization, natural resources and health. GTZ currently has a project that brings together multiple stakeholders in a participatory and-use planning process.

The project location is Yaounde, Cameroon.

Project Description:

GTZ Cameroon has been working with stakeholders including government, civil society and communities to develop participatory land-use plans in order to promote sustainable use of natural resources. Due to the rich diversity of species, Cameroon's extensive forests of are of economic and global ecological importance. However, excessive logging and increasing exploitation by the population are endangering this important resource.

The main problems are deficits in terms of planning and controlling use of forest resources. The
strategy applied here is based on existing reform processes within the framework of the national
forestry programme. Promoting the sustainable management of forest resources and protecting
forest eco-systems is intended to help improve the local population's living conditions and
achieve sustainable development for Cameroon.

Job Description:

This intern will be involved in an intense two-week orientation and training period in Canada. The GIS Technician will spend three months in Smithers B.C. While in BC they will assist in producing materials for a trans-boundary ecosystem-based planning initiative and assist in preparation of proposals for Cameroon and Nigerian initiatives. A fundraising component will also be a key part of this stage.

In October the intern will travel to Cameroon. While in Cameroon, the intern will work with GTZ staff to provide GIS support for natural resource and land-use planning projects. This may include collecting and verifying GPS data in the field; creating high quality map products for reports and presentations; digitizing map features; manipulating, analyzing and interpreting field data; designing and maintaining a variety of spatial data layers. The position may involve providing basic training to GTZ staff in GPS technology, field data collection, survey design and implementation.

Upon returning to Canada in late February the intern will be involved in a job search and employment effort for two weeks.

Qualifications you must have:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in geography, biology, environmental science or related field.
  • Training and experience in application of GIS, particularly related to land-use planning or
    sustainable resource management.
  • Understanding of GPS field data collection practices and the ability to train non-technical
    staff in field data collection techniques.
  • Ability to understand and integrate data into a GIS/spatial environment with little
  • Proficiency with data management in Microsoft Excel and/or Access.
  • Basic cartographic (Map) design capability.
  • Proven working knowledge of ArcView.
  • Proven research, writing and facilitation skills
  • International travel and/or cross-cultural experience
  • Flexible, adaptable, self-motivated person with a sense of humour
  • Excellent health and disposition and confidence
  • Proven ability to work with others under stress, ability to be flexible and resourceful
  • Ability to communicate in French (written and oral)

Qualifications that will help you:

  • Travel experience
  • Coaching or teaching skills particularly in adult education
  • Experience in Africa or in war-affected or tropical areas
  • Practical skills useful in a situation of minimal resources
  • Organizational capacity, project management, report writing or administration skills are all assets
  • Ability to work independently and cooperatively and be able to problem solve in difficult
    situations with not enough resources.

*To apply for this position you must be a Canadian Citizen or landed immigrant, under the age of 30 and unemployed or under-employed.

Objectives of the Internships:

  • to provide work skills and experience to youth interns and help them enter the job market or create entrepreneur opportunities
  • to strengthen the existing work of One Sky and our partners by providing interns
  • to develop environmentally aware youth with international understanding, experience and appreciation
  • to strengthen North-South partnerships and the Southern NGO by providing them with
    Canadian youth interns
  • to strengthen cross-Canada solidarity and understanding in the environmental sector
    Internship time frame:

Should you become a successful applicant you will be required to attend a preliminary orientation in June to the work and objectives of One Sky. Following this brief probationary period you will be given a follow-up evaluation (end of June). You MUST receive a positive evaluation in order to continue with the program. All interns will spend 18 weeks in Canada, five months living and working overseas, and time for debriefing and job searching at the end of the internship.

Schedule (subject to change):
June 1st Applications due
June 2nd Interviews
June 12th Start date
June 23rd Preliminary evaluation
June 23rd Internship Northern component (14 weeks)
Oct 2nd One week unpaid break
Oct 9th Southern component commences (20 weeks)
Feb 26th Debriefing/Job search in Canada
March 12th Last day of internship

What you should expect:

Many of the countries where we place interns are rated low on the UN's Annual Human Development Index and some have experienced recent conflicts. Infrastructure is cursory and many of the things we take for granted here in Canada are simply not available. All applicants should be fully aware that none of the One Sky internships are easy. This is not a summer camp nor an exotic foreign placement. You will be working under difficult conditions and you will be expected to perform.

You will be trained in many aspects of being an effective environmental advocate, including personal leadership and you should expect to spend a very full year after which you will have solid, employable skills training. You will be working with other mature and competent individuals as a team while in Canada. Your accommodation could be challenging. Expect long hours, lots of job satisfaction and friendships that will last a lifetime. One Sky is a stimulating but demanding place to work. The financial compensation is minimal so if that matters to you, you may want to reconsider your application.