The (original, no-longer-active) Aboriginal Mapping Network Usermap was created using WorldKit. You can use the same satellite imagery as a Web Map Service in ArcMap, or download the datasets. From the OnEarth website (

This is the home site of the WMS Global Mosaic, a high resolution global image mosaic of the earth, produced from more than 8200 individual Landsat7 scenes. Each scene requires more than 500MB of storage, or about one standard CD. These images have been collected during 1999-2003. The highest resolution image has a ground relative resolution of 15 meters, or 50 foot. The mosaic contains all nine spectral bands of the Landsat7 ETM+ instrument. Together with the associated Web Map Service Server, the mosaic is known as the WMS Global Mosaic.


This server no longer provides full WMS services for any of the datasets. Furthermore, the MODIS daily mosaics are no longer being updated. The tiled WMS access, described in the Tiled WMS and Google Earth KML support will stay operational. This includes access to the archived of MODIS daily mosaics, which were built from 2006 to the end of 2010.