British Columbia - Local First Nations Land Use--Instructors Guide

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By Integrated Resource Planning Committee, Government of BC; co-published with Government of BC

30 pages; incl. 3-ring binder; includes 1.5; catalogue #97-0030; ISBN 1-55212-275-1; US$10.81, C$16.63, EUR10.90, £7.50

One of a series of training modules for participants of Land and Resource Management Planning (LRMP) processes in British Columbia. LRMPs are strategic land use planning processes under the Forest Practices Code.

The Land and Resource Management Planning (LRMP) process is the sub-regional, integrated resource planning process for British Columbia. It promotes decision making on the basis of the principles of sustainability and consensus. It requires that the public and major stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in all steps of the process. It encourages participation of First Nations.

Planning for land and resources in British Columbia, including LRMP, is evolving in new directions. Land and resource management decisions made without an overall plan are being replaced by planning at the regional, sub-regional (LRMP), and more local levels. Land and resource decisions formerly made unilaterally by single government agencies are being replaced by inter-agency processes that seek to consider all environmental, resource and socioeconomic values. Decisions with short-range perspectives are being replaced by decisions that seek to protect future generations by ensuring commitments of land and resources are sustainable in the long term. Planning decisions made through internal government agency processes are being replaced by decisions made through open, consensus-based processes involving full participation of the public and stakeholders.