Landowner Contact Representatives (2) For Chilliwack

The Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS) and Fraser Valley Regional Watershed Coalition are seeking two people to work on the Critical Habitat Protection for Salish Sucker Project.  The primary duty of the Representatives will be to conduct a landowner contact program in 3 watersheds in the Chilliwack area.  Representatives will inform landowners about a number of  endangered species found in these watersheds and identify opportunities for protecting and restoring critical habitats.  The Representatives will also deliver information regarding opportunities for involvement with local stewardship groups and organize a public meeting in the community.

Training will be provided on landowner contact methods, endangered species biology, legislation pertaining to streams and riparian zones, and specific issues of concern in each target watershed.

Pay Rate:  $12/hr, 35hr/wk

10 Weeks (September 25 - December 1, 2006)
       Hours may vary and some evening/weekend work may be required.

The representatives will work out of the University College of the
Fraser Valley offices (Cascade Institute) in Chilliwack.

*       Excellent public relations and communications skills
*       Good organizational ability
*       Ability to work with minimal supervision
*       BC drivers license
*       Knowledge of environmental restoration, conservation on private land, sustainable agriculture and sustainable urban growth issues an asset
*       Local knowledge an asset
*       Some GIS/Computer proficiency preferred

Send Resume and Cover Letter to: ('Landowner contact' in subject line)

Deadline: Friday September 15, 2006