The Shell Environmental Fund


The Shell Environmental Fund (SEF) provides financial support forgrass-roots, action-oriented projects that improve and protect theCanadian environment. You can receive a grant only once for any singleproject. The SEF provides up to $5,000 per project.

Who Can Apply?

Any Canadian resident can apply on their own, or on behalf of a serviceclub, charitable or volunteer organization, environmental group, youthgroup or others.

Eligible Projects

Due to an increase in the number of requests, we ask that each group apply for only ONE

We'relooking for projects that propose innovative, action-oriented ways ofimproving and protecting the Canadian environment. Your project mustyield an environmental benefit and you should have a clear idea of theresults you expect.  View our naturalization requirements and climate change project requirements.

The SEF will not support:

  • Projects completed before the application is reviewed
  • Land purchases
  • School yard naturalizations
  • Projects outside of Canada
  • Lobbying and advocacy activities
  • Projects for personal gain or business profit
  • Operating or general capital expenses for an organization
  • Field Trips

The SEF will rarely support:

  • Labour expenses
  • Large projects requiring significant funding, where the Shell Environmental Fund grant is a small part of overall project cost
  • Purchase of books, materials, and other information resources for a library
  • Planting projects for beautification, or landscaping
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Individual research projects (e.g. essays, theses, or dissertations)

How Are Applications Reviewed?

Representatives ofenvironmental organizations provide their time and expertise to help usmake our funding decisions. Five regional panels review the SEFapplications:

  • Atlantic;
  • Quebec and Nunavut;
  • Ontario;
  • Prairies and Northwest Territories
  • British Columbia and Yukon.

Each panel includes one Shell staff person and three representatives of environmental organizations. They may be from a local naturalists group, or they may be members of a provincial or national environmental organization. These environmentalists contribute their expertise and knowledge of the environmental issues in their region. To ensure that a variety of expertise is available to fairly evaluate the applications, we try to include at least one person with a naturalist or wildlife background and one with knowledge of sustainability issues on each panel. From time to time, panel members step down and we add new panel members so that we continue to provide a relevant perspective.

Read about former Quebec SEF panelist Henri Jacob.

Review Process - Under $500

We regularly review applications for $500 or less. They are not subject to deadlines but must be submitted via our online application process. Applicants will be notified once their application has been reviewed by the Shell Environmental Fund administrator.

Review Process - Over $500

Applications for more than $500 must reach the Shell Environmental Fund office by the Spring or Fall deadline dates (February 28 and October 1). One of five regional panels reviews the applications. They meet twice per year following the application deadlines. We will notify you within one week of the regional panel meeting.

Successful applicants will receive 50 per cent of the grant first. The second payment is sent when projects are complete and once final reports are submitted. Final reports must be received within two years from the date of funding approval (normally by December 31 of that year). Information required in the final report includes: the outcome of the project, media releases and the final budget. Along with the final report, copies of all invoices where the grant was applied are also required.

* Final Report (MSWord: 38 KB - opens in a new window)
* Final Report (PDF: 26 KB - opens in a new window)

Deadlines and Application Process
Deadlines are:
February 28
September 30

Applicants must submit an online application for the Shell Environmental Fund. Get full details about the application process.

Contact us with any questions about the Shell Environmental Fund.

Shell Environmental Fund
Telephone: (403) 691-2071
Fax: (403) 269-8031

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