South Coast Conservation Program Land Use Workshop Coordinator

Contract Position Available
Length of contract: to March 31, 2007 , Contract Value: $8,715
Start Date: Sept 25, 2006

The South Coast Conservation Program is a joint initiative of the Fraser Valley Conservancy; TLC the Land Conservancy of BC; and, BC Ministry of Environment that is designed to increase awareness of Species at Risk, habitat values and community-based stewardship and encourage voluntary stewardship actions by landowners. The focus is on developing a landowner contact strategy and encouraging residents, land use professionals and land use regulators to be good stewards of private land for Species at Risk.

The focus for this position in the 2006 season will be within the municipalities of Burnaby, Surrey, and Chilliwack. The role of the Land Use Regulator and Land Use Professional Workshop Coordinator, with the advice of the SCCP stewardship and outreach subcommittee (and others) and using last years recommendations, will be to:

  • Plan (date and location), organize (speakers and refreshments), coordinate, promote and evaluate 2 to 3 workshops for land-use professionals and regulators (target 50 participants per workshop) in the above communities.
  • Identify needs as they arise in workshop and prepare a workshop CD or other tool for delivery to participants after workshop, deliver items to participants.
  • Identify other tools or incentives needed from workshop attendees to promote stewardship actions.
  • Work with committee above and a Workshop Facilitator to help create a hands on workshop experience
  • Liaise with Municipal staff, landowners, developers, and consultants to obtain long term evaluation pieces and identify new use of land use tools from workshop
  • Identify ways in which other workshop participants are using existing tools and create ways to monitor their use long term
  • Use evaluation tools during workshops and modify as necessary the upcoming workshops based on workshop feedback
  • Write a workshop report for each workshop with recommendations

The successful applicant will be an independent contractor working largely from home or other applicant-provided office and with the main form of communication via email and phone. Limited mileage is available on top of contract amount for essential meetings. Successful applicant will be responsible for completing and managing their own work plan for the contract and should expect essential but minimal 'check in' opportunities during the contract. Payment schedule and milestones to be determined based on work plan to be created by applicant and managers. A separate but small budget is also available for workshop costs, speaker fees, and materials.

Applicants are requested to highlight relevant work experience including work conducted with minimal supervision, and degree of knowledge regarding local species at risk and specific tools available to land use professionals and regulators as it pertains to land use issues, in their application.

Application closing date: Sept 15, 2006

Please e-mail your resume with cover letter expressing interest and degree of relevant experience to:

Lisa Fox, Executive Director, Fraser Valley Conservancy