PPGIS for Marine Conservation: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Australia

2006 ESRI International User Conference Proceedings:

Track: Ocean, Coastal, and Marine Resources
Author(s): Ellen Hines, Helene Marsh

This presentation will discuss the process and issues involved in establishing a collaborative research project for the design and inclusion of geographic technologies as part of a longer-term program to create a community-based GIS for decision support concerning 1) the spatial and ecological domain of traditional use of coastal and marine resources in customary territories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander regions of Northern Australia, and 2) the historical and cultural relationships involved with the use of threatened marine species in Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander communities, and 3) efforts by Indigenous Sea Rangers to document occurrence and clean-up of ghostnets along the Northern Australian coast. We believe that such a GIS, built and maintained with the input of community stakeholders, can greatly contribute to growing understanding and effective co-management of the endangered dugong, sea turtle, and coastal ecosystem in Indigenous Sea Country.

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Helene Marsh
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