Hello from Lil'wat Nation

Hi Everyone,

I'm Tracy and I'm the GIS Program Manager for the Lil'wat Nation.  We are centered around Mount Currie, BC which is about 120kms northeast of Vancouver.  Our Traditional Territory is about 800,000 ha and we have a Band Membership of 1850 (as of 2005!).

We have been running our little GIS Program out of the Land & Resources Department of the Mount Currie Band Administration for  just over a year now.  We've had lots of successes and learned lots of lessons over the past 14 months. 

I think that the AMN has the potential to be an incredible resource for First Nations communities across Canada and indeed the world.  I'd love to see some collaborations between Nations to share resources especially in the areas of data collection, training and expertise. 

We are eager to share our resources, knowledge and experiences with other First Nations and encourage anyone to get in touch.  Please feel free to email me at tracy_howlett@lilwatnation.com.


Tracy Howlett
GIS Program Manager
Lil'wat Nation



Hello Tracey

I am glad to meet you.  I am just starting a project too.  I am from Cold Lake First Nations in Alberta.  We are ancestrally a Dene Nation, but now we have maybe something like 1/2 Cree people on our reserves.  I am about  1 month into my 1 year project.  I have just tried to wrap my head around the project.  I am also working on the Community involvement in this project.  Got any suggestions around this?  I feel that we could use a Steering Committee to find out priority sites, most knowledgable informants, etc.  But it might take a lot of time with maybe not as much value as I think?. . . If you have any other suggestions, please go ahead.  I can also send more info about where we are at today.  I appeciate your invitation to chat and hope we can dialogue some more.

Masi Chok