What's that contact tab for?

You may have noticed the contact tab when you view your account and wondered why that's there - after all, why would you need to email yourself?

Well, the reason it's there is to allow others to contact you directly. 

People who are interested in your project won't have to email us and ask if we know how to get into contact with you. Nor will they have to open up their own email accounts and copy your address (if you've posted it into your message) into a new email to send you a note.

Also, some people are wary of posting their email addresses because it may increase the amount of spam they receive. Thus, this option allows you be to contacted by real people and not spammers!

Don't want anyone to contact you? There's a box you can un-check in your account settings that will disable this option.

Do you want to send me an email to ask another question? You can click my name where it says: Submitted by at the bottom of this message, and then click the contact tab... et voila, a contact form to email me!