Is there a way to look up and contact other users?

The only way to contact other users is if they have posted somewhere on the AMN - for example, in the forum or user images section.

You can then click the user name hyperlink, which will bring you to their profile.

In their profile, you can click on the contact tab (if they have enabled that setting) and send them a little email.

Note that you must be logged in to access the other user's profiles.


Hi Members, There are a few

Hi Members,

There are a few other ways to view users:

  • you can look on the left hand side of this page, and below your username, you should be able to see a link called "user list". This page lists all the users of the AMN in the order that they last logged into and/or joined the network. You can also see biographies and websites, if members have chosen to post them.

Hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to post questions or comments - we love getting feedback.

Happy Holidays, Eliana.