AMN UserMap upgrades - your feedback needed

Hello Everyone,

As hosts of the Aboriginal Mapping Network (AMN) we are always interested in learning how the web-based resources AMN provides can improve your local work. We are currently seeking funding to expand upon the geospatial functionality of the UserMap - both to improve the social (professional) networking capabilities of the tool, and to add a mapping/basic analysis functionality.  We would really appreciate your feedback.

The social networking function of the UserMap could better connect the growing population of global AMN users by enabling geographic and attribute queries to be asked of select attributes of the UserMap database, returning results connecting individuals or community web resources interested in learning from each others experiences. For example, where in the world of AMN users are practitioners working on mapping of subsurface Indigenous burial grounds? Do you find you work in isolation from peers, need professional feedback on your projects, or like us, see the enormous potential of the AMN and the web to fill professional voids between conferences or meetings? 

The basic mapping functionality might draw upon and expand uDIG, an Open Source GIS application, to specifically address the needs of Indigenous practitioners (with or without GIS experience) with a ready-to-use tool to make maps efficiently. A key application goal is to protect local knowledge by allowing the user to maintain local control over those data (not sent out to a foreign server like Google Maps requires), while maintaining the flexibility to tap into publicly accessible geospatial data. Would a free web-based GIS application add value to your local work, and how?

Please let us know what you require at the local community level so that this potential new tool for the AMN is best designed to meet your needs.



Greg Kehm, Manager GIS & Information Services

Ecotrust Canada/AMN, Vancouver BC  604-682-4141 x31