Bonjour from Paris

Hello Everybody,

This is my first posting to the AMN website. My name is Steven DeRoy and I am a former coordinator of the AMN. My partner Rachel Olson (also a former AMN coordinator) and I are currently living in Paris, France as she received an internship to work at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Most of her work is focussed on Indigenous Knowledge, whereas I am the lucky one who gets to be a stay at home dad with our 19 month old daughter Isabel.

I commend everybody at Ecotrust Canada for revamping the AMN website. I also encourage the network of practitioners to become active by submitting posts to the discussion forums. It is a great way to find out who is out there, where they are working, and what works or doesn't work. I will continue to monitor the website while living abroad, but hope to connect with some of you on a more substantial basis when we return to Canada in the spring.

All the best,


hello steve

Hey Steve...

I am Thomas, Dave's lil brother.  How are you doing ove there in Paris?   I am doing good here.  I am in British Columbia in Kamloops.  Just making a connection with you, Dave sent me your info, I however havent made a connection as I misplaced it or threw it out. 

Have a good day.  Those pix that Dave has on his Facebook of you and your family are very nice pictures.


thomas Terry

Bonjour from Paris

Thanks for your commendation on the revamped AMN website. We are just beginning to revise existing content and tools and add new ones. A few examples of what to look for in the coming months: forestry referral decision support tool, information catalogue templates for organizing and providing distributed access to a library of digital data, maps, reports, etc.), updated Crown Land Referral toolkit and newly revised A New Trail for funding support.

What is UNESCO's current  work in Indigenous Knowledge and how are the results used? 



Hi Greg, I haven't visited

Hi Greg,

I haven't visited the site in a while - sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. I'll be sure to poke around and view the updates to the website.

I can't speak for UNESCO's activities around Indigenous Knowledge as I am not entrenched in the day to day activities, only as an outsider looking in every now and again. I do know that there are many sector's of UNESCO that are involved in IK, including the LINKS project (where Rachel works), the Tangible Heritage sector, and the Division of Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue. In fact, a workshop recently took place here in Paris that was facilitated by Giacomo Rambaldi ( moderator) and Nigel Crawhall. The topic was Cultural Mapping with a focus on 3D processes, and was attended primarily by African practitioners. You may want to talk to Doug Nakashima who is the director of Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (LINKS) - his e-mail is He would be able to speak much more fluently about UNESCO's IK activities.

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I don't know if still have a current e-mail address for you, however I would be interested to hear about your French experience.  Are you back in Canada?