Treaty Related Policy Papers from the Union of BC Municipalities

The Union of British Columbia Municipalities has a list of policy papers about treaties and how they relate to municipalities at Featured Policy Topics: First Nations Relations:

  • Approaches and Options for Treaties in Urban Areas: A Discussion Paper Prepared for UBCM and the Ministries of Aboriginal Affairs and Municipal Affairs - 1999
  • Land Use Coordination, Servicing and Dispute Resolution - 2000
  • Memorandum of Understanding Between the UBCM and the Province of BC on Local Government Participation in the Negotiation of Treaties and Other Agreements - 2003
  • Certainty and Finality in Recent First Nations Agreements-in-Principle: Prepared for UBCM by Singleton, Urquhart - 2003
  • Information on the First Nations Land Management Initiative for Local Governments - 2004
  • UBCM Comparative Analysis of 2003 Agreements in Principle and Local Government Interests - 2004
  • Practical Interests of Local Government in Negotiation of First Nations Governance Authorities in Treaties - 2004
  • Treaty Settlement Land: The Fiscal Impacts on Local Governments - 2005
  • Treaty Negotiations and Local Government Interests in Land - 1999
  • Nisga'a Final Agreement: Draft Background Workbook - 1999
  • UBCM's Response to Provincial Government Treaty Mandates - 1997
  • Local Government Interests in Land Selection and Access - 1997
  • Certainty and Finality in the Nisga'a Final Agreement - 1998
  • Achieving Certainty in Treaty Negotiations - 1995
  • Local Government and Aboriginal Treaty Negotiations: Defining the Municipal Interest - 1994