Are you aware of Mapview and other MOF online resources?

Hi All,

I am a new forester-in-training seeking exciting sustainable forest volunteer or contract work, ideally for First Nations in British Columbia, Canada, or Haida Gwaii (off the west coast of BC).

I stumbled accros a BC Ministry of Forests interactive GIS system that may be of use to you all: You need to register (individual accounts can be created online), or use my login to try it out: username: gvamos password: irmucyay

A powerful tool for Title and Rights is the Spatial Overview Engine (SOE) that allows you to draw a First Nations' territory and output a text file that creates a long list of timber cutting permits and other tenures that conflict with your area.

Another powerfull tool is the MOF Harvest Billing System (, which allows you to determine the volumes, species and grades of trees logged in BC in the last 8 years.  Dogwood Initiative is working towards a goal of being able to determine for First Nations negotiations how much wood was logged in a specific geographic area ie: traditional territory, but in the mean time there are many uses for HBS, for example finding out which forest companies are paying too little stumpage, the non sustainable extraction of large cedar trees, etc.

Let me know if youre interested in this data and i'll share what i know.