Research Assets and Intellectual Property Planner, Ministry of Forests and Range


Licensed Science Officer - Forester 2
$47,635.41 - $59,496.39


If you're looking to work in a high performing, work team with a mandate to create a solid information foundation for decision makers, stakeholders and the scientific community, this position is for you!

You'll have the ability to work effectively with a diverse team, as well as the capacity to foster long-term collaborative relationships with staff and stakeholders in the development of clear and practical policies. You value change, yet appreciate the broader business implications of decisions while you embrace the challenge of improving practices. Finally, you remain acutely aware of the variety of challenges presently facing our forests.

As the Planner, you will be the Branch expert on provincial research installations in the Forest Science Program, and will take the Provincial lead on issues and initiatives. You will also be responsible for developing, implementing and communicating the policies and processes on the mapping and protection of the research installations, as well as managing their yearly review. In addition, you will establish intellectual property agreements and data sharing agreements. You should have some familiarity with GIS and be willing to learn new computer skills.

You will remain the central point of contact for internal and external clients requesting information created by the Branch. Drawing from your broad skill base you will be able to determine required data access levels, used in the development of data sharing agreements. You will require some knowledge of information management and information technology practices, and will need to quickly become aware of the range of data held by the Branch.

Prior to submitting an application/resume, please visit following Job Description (attached below) for a complete listing of duties and qualifications. To be considered for this competition, you MUST COMPLETE and submit the applicant questionnaire (attached below)

Travel is a requirement

Job Description
Competition: FR2006:34558
Closing Date: 2007-01-08
Apply to: BC PSA Job Postings, 3 Fl 940 Blanshard St PO Box 9481 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC, V8W 9E7
Contact: Pamela Wilkins
Phone: 250/387-3097
Fax: 250/387-0774

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