System Upgrade

I would like to if anyone out there has upgraded their GIS system from PC ArcInfo 4.0 to ArcInfo 9.X?  We are presently in the process of implementing a budget and we could use any information that would be of use to us.  We are upgrading our desktop computer and are in the process of purchasing ArcInfo 9.2 from Esri Canada.  We have a Calcomp 111 digitizing board and a HP design jet 450 C printer.  I am not sure if these are compatible with ArcInfo 9.2.  I look forward any suggestions.


Lawrence Reid


system upgrade

Hi Lawrence,

I haven't made such a leap from PC ArcInfo 4.0 to ArcGIS 9.2 before. However, you will find that you will have to get used to a new interface and begin to understand how ArcMap works with ArcCatalog. I would recommend taking an Introduction to ArcGIS course offered by ESRI Canada to become familiarized with the software. Although these are really generic and may not apply to any of the work you may be involved with, it gives you a great overview of the tools and how to operate the software. You may also want to look into a local community college that offers 2-5 day training sessions with ArcGIS.

In regards to your hardware, as long as your computer has a lot of RAM and disk space, ArcGIS will work fine. The digitizer and plotter will also work, as long as you have the drivers for them. Don't worry if you don't because you can go onto the internet and download them.

Good luck Lawrence!

Steven DeRoy
Aboriginal GIS Specialist

Thanks for your reply there

Thanks for your reply there Stephen, I have moved to Salmon Arm to take their ArcInfo 9.2 GIS course.  I have been here for 5 weeks and everything is going well.