Website of Zoraida N. Alojado, a GIS Specialist

Career Objective:

GIS Analyst, to work for a people oriented and highly progressive company where I could apply my acquired experiences and knowledge and expand as a GIS Specialist

Highlights of Qualifications

- Over 10 years of related experience in mapping activities, data collection and analysis

- Designed database for market catchment related activities using GIS software

- Transformed digital maps from one format to another; Designed different GIS applications

- Proficiency in MS Access, Excel and ESRI GIS software products

- Written technical papers on GIS and remote sensing

- Committed to confidentiality of company's information

- Excellent in communication both written and oral forms

- Proven flexibility to perform duties and responsibilities to meet exigencies while performing within company's policies and procedures

- Ability to prioritize tasks, undertake multitude of assignments and meet deadlines on time and even ahead of time


Professional Work Experience


GIS Consultant, Pacific Rim Innovation & Management Exponents, Inc., Philippines 2000- 2005

- Designed and created an internet based map database for the 18 bays project sites using ArcIMS

- Worked closely with the Project Management Consultant Team Leader, the Database Management Specialist and other consultant in evaluating data available and suitable for coastal resource management as input into the GIS, particularly data generated in the resource and ecological assessment conducted in the 12 priority bays under the Fisheries Sector Program

- Identified other data available at National Mapping, Resource Information Authority and arranged for their acquisitions including aerial photography and satellite imagery

- Coordinated the implementation of the project with UP Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry on "Mapping and of analysis of change in land use and coastal habitat maps for the 18 FRMP bays"

- Assessed GIS equipment available at BFAR. Recommended a computer system configuration suitable for the needs of the Project and assisted in the procurement

- Provided training and guidance in the use of GIS software using ArcView, ArcSDE and ArcIMS and hardware, data encoding and digitized mapping for each of the 18 project bays

- Assisted with the interpretation of GIS and mapping data for CRM planning, especially for the formulation of detailed zonation plans for the project sites

- Assisted in the preparation, coordination and conduct of several trainings conducted for the FRMP-PMO and also act as resource person for GIS module


Domain Expert (Coastal Resources), Geodata Systems Technologies Inc., Philippines 2004

- Identified, assessed appropriate remote sensing data of Mindanao to be acquired for project use

- Conducted map ground validation and mapping technology process documentation

- Produced the coastal resources/settlements map ground validation process documentation as well as tenurial mapping process documentation

- Performed manual and computer-aided interpretation/analysis of vegetative cover/settlements of plotted images using agreed upon vegetative cover categories and integration of machine analyzed information and field validation information on draft vegetative cover/settlement map


Research Associate, International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management, Laguna, Philippines, 1991 - 1999


- Provided GIS services using SPANS 5.22 DOS Version and ARCView 3.0a (i.e. database design, data integration and analysis, transformation of digital data to different formats, etc.) to all Centers project requiring such application

- Characterized 10 coastal sites in Southeast Asian Region and assists in the preparation of coastal area management (CAM) bibliography for the Coastal Transect Project of ICLARM

- Provided the projects need for geographic information system for the San Miguel and Lagonoy Gulf Resource and Ecological Assessment Project

- Assisted the project manager and leader of the project; area of responsibility covers operation of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS); undertakes GIS training with counterpart staff; assist in data collection and encoding, data analysis, write-up of technical reports/paper including project management and monitoring and organize and coordinates the conduct of one training course and one workshop of the project for the Geographic Information System for Coastal Area Management Planning Project (GISCAMP)

- Conducted and acted as resource person to several trainings




GIS Consultant, Western Samar Agricultural Resources Dev’t. Program, Philippines 1997

- Worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team and responsible to the National Programme Director in providing technical assistance to the Technical Department and the Zone Offices in the installation of the SPANS Explorer Window Version - based GIS and in for the performance of duties and responsibilities

- Provided technical assistance to the Environmental Unit Staff and initial training to Programme and Provincial government technical staff on GIS

- Interrelated biotic, abiotic and socioeconomic (BASE) criteria to geographical information system in generating spatial analysis of the Programme area


GIS Consultant, Project Preparation Consultants Group Inc., Pasig City, Philippines, 1995

- Provide technical inputs in their project preparation, design their training needs as well as training needs of their clients


GIS Operator/Specialist, Dames and Moore International, Makati, Philippines, 1994


Remote Sensing Technologist II, NAMRIA, Philippines 1987 - 1991




Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Major in Regional Planning (39 units), 1988, School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Forestry, College of Forestry, University of the Philippines, 1983