Looking for some tiny but important tidbits....

Hey, I hope that someone out there still uses Arcview 3.x

Anyway, I have only part of the Spatial Analyst extension. The Avx file allows me to choose Spatial analyst as an option for extension, however, it depends on two files that I don't have.

If you have spatial analyst extension for Arcview 3.x could you please send me an e-mail?

I need the following two tiny but important files...

1. avgrid.dll     it can be found in C:/ESRI/AV_GIS30/ARCVIEW/BIN32

2. surface.gui    it can be found in C:/ESRI/AV_GIS30/ARCVIEW/EXT32


If ANYONE out there can help, please send an e-mail to:  robertfritzsche@hotmail.com

in order to get the files through security, it may be necessary to put them into a folder and zip them. IT will make my year if I hear from you and I will be glad to return the favor any way I can.


Thanks again.