Hawth's Analysis Tools for ArcGIS

Hawth's Analysis Tools is an extension for ESRI's ArcGIS (specifically ArcMap). It is designed to perform spatial analysis and functions that cannot be conveniently accomplished with out-of-the-box ArcGIS.

Most of these analysis tools have been written within the context of the ecological applications I am involved in (movement analysis, resource selection, predator prey interactions and trophic cascades). However, they have been created in such a way as to be as broadly applicable as possible such that I hope people from many disciplines will find use in this set of tools.

There are three types of tools in this kit. First, there are simple tools that automate mundane tasks (e.g. deleting many fields at once from a table). These will likely be useful to anyone.

Second, there are tools that are designed to be part of an analysis workflow. For instance, random point (or stratified random point) generation, minimum convex polygon delineation, summarizing raster layers in various ways, etc. These too are likely to be useful to many people.

Finally, there are tools that target specific, ecology related analyses (for instance, various movement model applications). These will likely only be of interest to ecologists.

Specific detail of the tools can be found on the Tools page.

Hawth's Tools is FREE. You are free to distribute it and install it anywhere you choose. As there are continual updates and additions to the tools, it is recommended that you check this website from time to time for more recent versions.

I am always happy to hear constructive suggestions and comments about these tools.

Hawthorne Beyer

WEBSITE: http://www.spatialecology.com/htools/overview.php

Analysis Tools
Intersect Point Tool
Distance Between Points (Within Layer)
Distance Between Points (Betw. Layer)
Count Points In Polygons
Polygon In Polygon Analysis
Sum Line Lengths in Polygons
Line Raster Intersection Statistics
Enumerate Intersecting Features
Line Metrics
Sampling Tools
Create Random Selection
Random Selection Within Subsets
Generate Random Points
Generate Regular Points
Conditional Point Sampling Tool
Create Vector Grid (lines/polygons)
Create Sample Shapes (various shapes)
Generare Random 3D Points
Animal Movements
Create Minimum Convex Polygons
Calculate Movement Parameters
Convert Locations To Paths
Convert Paths to Points
CRW Simulation I
CRW Simulation II
Kernel Tools
Fixed Kernel Density Estimator
Batch Fixed Kernel Density Estimator
Percent Volume Contour
Other Tools
Digitize XY Coordinates
Set/Zoom To View Extent Bookmark
Raster Tools
Clip Raster
Clip Raster By Polygons
Landscape Characterization (fast)
Extract Raster Edge
Thematic Raster Summary (by polygon)
Zonal Statistics ++ (by polygon)
Spatial Replace Tool
Maximum Grid Separation Tool
Cellular Automata (1D x Time)
Grid Spread (Cellular Automata)
Raster Pixel Type Conversion
Table Tools
Add Area Field To Table
Add Length Field To Table
Add XY To Table
List Unique Values
Sum Values
Delete Multiple Fields
Add XY Line Data (creates line layer)
CSV Management Tool
Vector Editing Tools
Create Buffers (Retain Attributes)
Vector Rotation and Shifting Tool
Snap Points To Lines Tool
Intersect Lines (Make Points)
Split Vector Layer By Unique Value Field
Specialist Tools
River Sample Extraction
Point Redistribution Tool
PLSS Point Finder
Julian Day Lookup

Important: these tools do not currently support on-the-fly projection changes, therefore for any of the tools that work with more than one layer, you must ensure that they share the same projection.

Note that this list of tools and the associated help files applies to the most recent version of HawthsTools (for ArcGIS 9). Development of the ArcGIS 8.x version of HawthsTools has stopped because of the difficulties of maintaining two incompatable code bases.