Mapping Health Geography in Nova Scotia Workshop,

10/29/2007 7:00 am
10/30/2007 5:00 pm

The purpose of this workshop is to gather together health researchers and discuss the opportunities, benefits and challenges of geomatics in health research. This collaboration continues to enhance Nova Scotia's health research capacity.


  • To create a province wide dialogue on current expertise and resources related to geomatics and health research
  • To identify future opportunities for collaboration on health research
  • To identify next steps in building a “network” of health researchers using geomatics
  • A chance to collectively identify problems and work as a cohesive group to look at solutions.

Eligible Participants:

  • Health researchers working with or interested in working with geomatics in Nova Scotia 
  • Trainees interested in working with geomatics on health research projects


To register, download out the Application form and return your completed form by October 1, 2007 (Please note that space is limited.):

Linda Waterhouse, Coordinator, Collaborative Initiatives
Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation
PO Box 2684
Halifax, NS
B3J 3P7

Fax: (902)424-7753

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