First Nations Traditional/Occupational Land Use

Tansi / Good Afternoon:

My name is William Dunn..

I live in Thompson, Manitoba. I am a Technical Services Advisor for the Keewatin Tribal Council. 

Our Tribal Council member Nations are as follows:

  1. Barren Lands - Brochet, MB
  2. Bunnibonibee - Oxford House, MB
  3. Fox Lake - Fox Lake, MB
  4. God's Lake Narrows - God's Lake Narrows, MB
  5. Manto Sipi - God's River, MB
  6. Northlands - Lac Brochet, MB
  7. Sayisi Dene - Tadoule Lake, MB
  8. Shamattawa - Shamattawa, MB
  9. Tataskweyak - Split Lake, MB
  10. War Lake - Ilford, MB
  11. York Factory - York Landing, MB

When you locate these First Nations on your maps you will notice that our Tribal Council encompasses nearly 1/2 the Province of Manitoba.

The current project I am working on involves a comprehensive look at the Traditional Lands of our people. Several Studies/Surveys have been done  in the past, but for the most part, are not expansive enough in scope for such an important document. Our Elderly population is rapidly diminishing as many have fallen asleep in death, and so we are losing our most valuable, primary resource at an alarming rate. Thus, I need to amass a great deal of information in rapid order without compromising on accuracy, or overlooking even the minutest  detail. This is a project that I have taken on at my own expense, both time and money, and I have already spent hundreds of hours and dollars, so assistance in the form of guidance, experiences, ideas, pitfalls,  etc., is welcome. I look forward to keeping up updated of my progress.


William Dunn


Sounds like a wonderful project!

Hello William,

What an exciting project to take on; I hope that you have some support. Have you downloaded Chief Kerry's Moose? You may find the methodology helpful - you can find it here:

If you have considered fundraising for the project, we have recently released an updated version of A New Trail. You can download it here:

I do hope you keep us updated on your progress. I would find it really interesting to hear about your experiences, successes, and pitfalls.

Best of luck! Eliana.