Conflict-free Land-use Awareness Workshops (Tanzania)

02/21/2008 1:00 pm

Dar-Es-Salaam Institute of Land Administration & Policy Studies (DILAPS)

Annual Schedule of Events,
OCTOBER, 2007 – JULY, 2008

It is one of the goals of DILAPS (cf. ) to contribute towards moulding communities that uphold a culture of good custodianship and management of land from an informed perspective whilst focusing on using land as an asset for economic growth and reduction of poverty both in villages and town slums. This is the ultimate goal of the Conflict-Free Land-Use Awareness Workshop Series.

The first, and inaugural, workshop was the recent 2-day Workshop, held at the Luther House Boardroom, in Dar Es Salaam from 6th August 2007. The message was well received by stakeholders. Participants at this workshop have agreed with DILAPS that, this goal of creating communities of land-use stakeholders who are committed to using the land without causing or engaging in land-use conflicts, for economic growth and reduction of poverty is a noble goal to every citizen in all countries the world over. They were also of a converging opinion that the creation of such communities starts with creation of awareness on issues. The participants of the workshop drew representatives from abroad and several projects in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar in which, sustainable land-use is a central theme.

Subsequent to the inaugural workshop, the authority and management of the Dar Es Salaam Institute of Land administration and Policy Studies, DILAPS, has agreed to a delivery of more workshops, in these series, as envisaged earlier. These will be of differing themes, focusing on the diversity of stakeholders and will be held in different cities of Tanzania within the next 12 months. We bring to you the schedule of the Conflict–Free Land–Use Awareness Training Workshops, for the foreseeable future, as approved by the DILAPS Board of 17th August 2007.

Please consult the following Word Document for further information and workshop dates.