When No One Knows the Answer! Practical Ways To Engage In Complex Community Change

04/08/2008 9:30 am
04/08/2008 4:30 pm

Location:  Bethlehem Retreat Centre, 2371 Arbot Road, Nanaimo, BC

Cookie cutter solutions and techniques are insufficient to address the complex issues that communities are grappling with. This interactive session is an opportunity for community leaders and transformational change agents to:

* Generate fresh insights, innovative thinking and renewed courage to tackle big issues in unpredictable environments,

* Examine leadership roles in a state of being “on the edge”, of ‘not knowing’ outcomes and out of one’s comfort zone, while remaining committed to creating conditions for breakthrough thinking and creative actions,

* Bring together leading edge integral approaches and practical applications -- that can readily be used and applied.

* Connect to a network of community change leaders on Vancouver Island.

We know that working with complex large-scale change demands the extraordinary.

* Change is iterative and not linear, needing multiple course corrections to address the complexity of our time. Strategy, no matter how brilliant, cannot be relied upon to make the difference. Movement needs to be informed in response to emerging conditions and capacities. “Driving” change always fails in the longer term. We need new frameworks.

* Meaningful change is messy. The most powerful change waiting to happen is in the midst of confusion, complexities, and disturbance. Leaders need the capacity to maintain their bearings in the midst of messy and to enable others to hang in there too.

This learning opportunity [a learning laboratory] is intended to ground and guide you, your organization and your community to unleash the extra-ordinary. During the day-long session you will work on multiple levels: inside and out and with both tangible and intangible essential aspects of real life challenges you are facing now or have faced in the past. We will:

* Start from the issues that most matter to you

* Apply various ways of relating to your situation informed by the integral approach

* Engage in frank and open exchanges with colleagues about your situation and theirs

* Tap into wider ways of knowing and engaging

See your habitual approach in action and gain access to a wider range of choices that you can bring to the situation as a leader or intervener.

What You Can Expect:

You will develop new skills, insights and learning, resulting in long-term, innovative change. We guide to access your full potential by applying participatory and action-learning approaches, which increase resilience and adaptability in these changing times. You will walk away with practical tools and approaches to apply with ‘fresh eyes’.

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