TLE claims dataset

Hi, does anybody know of a good source for TLE claim data? I am specifically interested in TLE claims in Alberta. Even a pdf map with all the claims would help at this point.




Treaty Land Entitlement maps

Hi Kathrin,

I've done a bit of research and found some interesting data, but it doesn't appear to be Treaty Land Entitlement data. In fact, the person who I spoke to at INAC (David Perrin) doesn't seem to think there's spatial data about the location of current negotiations.

Dave suggested looking at the Specific Claims website: There's a link to a maps page, which has maps of Historical Treaties, as well as Specific Claims (you can find the Claims Status map at

Hope that helps. Perhaps one of our members from a Nation that has filed a TLE claim knows of a better source of such information?

If you do find better information, please do post it here so others may benefit too!

Best of luck, Eliana.

One more useful link!

Also, NRCan has a map of Treaties and Comprehensive Land Claims in Canada: