Workshop on Archiving in Digital Cartography and Geoinformation, Berlin, Dec. 4/5, 2008

12/04/2008 5:00 am
12/05/2008 5:00 pm

Archiving in Digital Cartography and Geoinformation

- Preserving and Enabling Permanent Access to Cartographic Cultural Heritage -

This workshop is intended to discuss state-of-the-art of archiving and highlight the next steps in research and development as well as in administration issues. A plenary discussion session will collect expert advice for future activities in this field.

The workshop is organized by the German Cartographic Society, Berlin-Brandenburg Branch

and will be held at the Berlin State Archive

in cooperation with:

  • International Cartographic Association, Commission on Cartographic Cultural Heritage
  •  CODATA-German
  • GI/EMISA WG on Archiving

Please consider taking active part in this workshop.