Indigenous Peoples Experience in Canada Symposium

06/19/2008 8:00 am
06/20/2008 5:00 pm

When: June 19 & 20, 2008
The Shock Doctrine: Indigenous Peoples Experience in Canada Symposium of Indigenous Human Rights and Environmental Activists
: With Naomi Klein as a Guest Speaker
Where: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Maritime Labour Center, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver, BC

Well known Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein is a guest speaker at the 2008 "Indigenous Peoples Experience in Canada Symposium" in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC). In a supportive essay published in 2003 she wrote: "BC's First Nation peoples have already been robbed of so much. It is the duty of all Canadians living on stolen land to join in the struggle to defend what is left" The Olympics Land Grab.

Panel 1: Criminalization of Indigenous Human Rights and Environmental Activists

Panel 2: Impact of Commercial and Industrial Economics on Traditional Values, Knowledge and Activities

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