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Next Session:  Sept. 5 – Oct. 3, 2008

Are you interested in guiding and outdoor recreation?
Working with youth?
Working in eco-tourism or adventure tourism or cultural tourism?

Participants of Hooksum’s May 1 -28/08 session now have jobs with:  BC Parks, Community Youth Programs, Wilderness Resorts, Surf and Kayak Schools.

Hooksum Outdoor School has offered West Coast Outdoor Leadership Training programs since 2000.  We can provide the skills you need!

Each session includes:

·        Advanced Wilderness First Aid (Red Cross certified)
·        Lifesaving Certifications – Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross
·        Boat Operator Accredited Training
·        Maritime Radio Course – Restricted Operator’s Certificate (Maritime)
·        Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Certifications: Flatwater, Level I and Level II
·        Outdoor Leadership and Guiding Skills
·        Remote Surfing, Hiking, Canoeing
*      Hesquiaht Traditional Knowledge and Skills 

Hooksum Outdoor School is NOW accepting applications for the Sept/Oct. 2008 session.

An Application Form and more information is available at: www.hooksumschool.com

Or phone or email for more information:
ph: 250.670.1120




West Coast Outdoor Leadership Training
Each session of West Coast Outdoor Leadership Training includes:

7 days (50 hours) of advanced wilderness first aid: 

This Red Cross certified course includes: situation organization, emergency action principles, initial assessment, emergency medical situations, level of consciousness, head and spine injuries, respiratory management, circulatory management, life threatening bleeding, shock, secondary assessment, force related injuries, heat and cold related injuries, poisons, medical conditions, pressure related injuries, water related injuries, body systems, airway emergencies, cardiovascular emergencies, musculoskeletal injuries, soft tissue injuries, and evacuation planning.

6 days of sea kayak courses: 
Paddle Canada Flatwater, Sea Kayaking Level I and Level II courses teach the skills and knowledge for proficient kayaking in calm and moderate seas in sheltered and moderately exposed coastline.

Learn rescue skills such as wet exits, Eskimo rolls, t-rescues, tows and much more;  paddling skills like high and low braces, draw strokes, forward and reverse sweep strokes; and gain knowledge of navigation, weather conditions, seamanship and more.

6 days of lifesaving courses : 

Earn Lifesaving Society certified Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross certifications while learning and practicing your swimming and rescue skills in the waters of Hesquiaht Harbour.  Gain confidence and refine your abilities in real life water activities like surfing.

An overnight hike/paddle

Opportunity to go on a 24-hour solo

An 8 hour BOAT course and exam:

This course is accredited by the Canadian Coast Guard.  Successful completion of the BOAT course and exam earns you your Pleasure Craft Operator Card – now required by law for the operation of small craft.

An 8 hour Maritime Radio Course and exam for the Restricted Operator’s Certificate (Maritime) :  All persons operating a marine radio in Canadian waters are required by law to have this certification. 

Surfing in various locations in the Hesquiaht area

Hiking some of the coastline of Hesquiaht Harbour

Learning about the Hesquiaht people and Hesquiaht traditional territories

Hear Hesquiaht  stories, and histories, and take part in learning activities like forest walks to identify culturally modified trees and trips to gather seafood and edible plants.