The system time seems incorrect.

Hi master, why I saw the submitted date of the News & Events is incorrect? Please check it. Thanks.


I edit it

Hi Supgis,

When I add news and events, I do my best to change the date to reflect the actual published and starting time. This is so the posts show up in the listings in the correct order - older ones at the bottom and newer ones at the top. The dates do not reflect the date that I add submissions. Further, only administrators have the capability to change dates, so if there is news or events that have been submitted by other users, the submitted date will be correct. 

Does that answer your question? If not, please do let me know. If you have found an error, please send me a message and I fill fix it immediately.

Thanks very much, Eliana.

Sorry Eliana, I reply

Sorry Eliana, I reply lately.

Just the submitted date/time is incorrect.

Thank you, Supgis