Geotunis 2008 - Natural resource management and Impact of climate change : Bringing the technology of Geographic Information

11/26/2008 9:00 am
11/30/2008 5:00 pm

After the 1st edition of Geotunis2007 and taking into account the negotiations between the various scientific specialists from several countries, the role of the technology of Geographic Information Systems and Science annexes in the development and study of natural resources, impact of climate change and its relation with the principles of design and development and the progress of research in both fields promising, we took into consideration the suggestion of Dr. Lotfi El Moumni and Geotunis2008 topic for this year is:

"Natural resource management and study of the impact of climate change with geographic information systems, science and space technologies. "

Our Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information invites you researchers and specialists for participation with your research to the development of scientific knowledge in the field of Geomatics and geographic information systems.


Axe 1: geomatics technologies are appropriate in the exploration and management of natural resources?

• Remote GIS: A useful synergy.
• GPS and GIS for mobile mapping precision.
• Applicability of geographic information technology :

-- Agriculture.
-- Fisheries Management (trawling and impact on the fishery resources), and aquaculture.
-- Livestock and grazing.
-- Exploration of mines.

Principle 2: The water resources sustainability and / or carried on operations.

-- Collection, storage and management of rainwater and tributaries.
-- Optimization of implantation sites for construction of dams.
-- Process hydrological modeling and spatial
-- Sustainability of water resources in arid environments?

Principle 3: The arid between vulnerability and risk of desertification.

• Sensitivity of arid climate change.
• Preventing and combating desertification.
• Bio Diversity and balance of the ecosystems in arid environments.

Principle 4: The Physical Planning and Geographic Information Technologies :
a necessary complementarity.

• Geographic information and spatial / Regional.
• Planning tourism.
• Urban Planning.
• Planning Attorneys.

The 26 to 30 November 2008 in Tunis, Tunisia.