Forest Tenure, Governance and Enterprise: New Opportunities for Livelihoods and Wealth in Central and West Africa

03/02/2009 8:00 am
03/05/2009 8:00 pm

From the ppgis listserve:

During the First week of March 2009 an International Conference captioned "Forest Tenure, Governance and Enterprise: New Opportunities for Livelihoods and Wealth in Central and West Africa" will be held in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

To prepare for this conference a great many activities are frantically being carried-out. Central to this conference is the raging land tenure debate on-going in West and Central Africa. Critical to that debate are tenure rights discrepancies between legitimately held customary lands and forest resources and statutory limits of officially sanctioned zoning.

Key to the evidence been put together by experts associated with the Rights and Resources Initiative - the main technical drivers of the conference, is evidence from participatory mapping by local people and other actors all over west and central Africa against the background of post colonial appropriation of all types of lands.

A major outcome expected from this conference is a change of behaviour and attitudes within the corridors of ITTO which is co-sponsoring the conference and especially, those of Central African States who are the main targets of this conference about “WHO REALLY OWNS THE FORESTS” of West and Central Africa, How this burning question can begin getting a solution, leading eventually to increased amounts of legal community ownership of especially forest lands for Enterprise, Wealth creation and Culture.

Dear listers, by this message we are making an impassioned plea to all practitioners of participatory mapping who have in any way been involved in participatory community mapping in CAMEROON even if these have already been integrated into a GIS, to please share with us the processes (e.g., methodology, problem statements, etc) and products (where we can find the maps, data, etc) and recommendations that emerged from that process. We welcome URLs, Websites, links, addresses, phone numbers, names of person even of organizations that have carried-out such work in CAMEROON, etc.

More information including an official Conference website or link, keynote speakers, conference sub-themes, management committees, appeals for sponsorship of community participants, sources of funding, call for papers, etc will follow.

We are grateful in advance for your kind responses

Peter Mbile