October 5 - 11, 2008 News items from Indigenous Mapping Network

Hello and Happy Indigenous People's Day (Berkeley turned the table on Columbus.. and a parade celebrates this), and here is a bit of news (cake) to top off the festivities...

A selection of last weeks news items that may be of interest to you.

HAWAII CEDED LANDS CASE AT US SUPREME COURT - Leon Siu. Applicable to Alaska, Navajo + other tribal land claims. http://tinyurl.com/3taskb 02:52 PM October 07, 2008 from web
Videos of Web 2 Mapping & Social Networks Meetups in Silicon Valley - http://tinyurl.com/46gvjd 10:45 PM October 06, 2008 from web   

New York Times Article: Dawn of Low-Price Mapping Could Broaden DNA Uses - Complete genetic blueprint drops to $5000 from $100000 09:10 PM October 06, 2008 from web   

3 new ESRI ArcLessons Presidential Election, Transportation, Baseball Radio Station Analysis http://tinyurl.com/49gw2q 09:05 PM October 06, 2008 from web   

Dynamic Deserts: Resource Uncertainty in Arid Environments multidisciplinary conference 26 Feb – 1 Mar 09 Tempe AZ http://tinyurl.com/5y2arc ... 11:17 PM October 05, 2008 from web

BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS NW Regional Office Conference 24 Oct Quinault Indian Nation DNR office, Taholah, WA Contact Tony 360-276-8215 x479 01:48 PM October 05, 2008 from web
Possible Forged 1580 US E Coast Historical Map incl fake Indian village, a group round a fire, and five- man canoe http://tinyurl.com/3emzez 01:23 PM October 05, 2008 from web

GIS Positions in Nairobi at Regional Centre for Mapping or Resources for Development http://www.rcmrd.org    12:35 AM October 05, 2008  from web

15TH International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment 7-10 July 09 Abstracts due 5/17/09 www.ieaonline.org    12:30 AM October 05, 2008  from web

The entire list can be found at: http://indigenousmapping.net/the-news/twitterarchives.html

Our most recent article "Ferry Service MOU Signing between Native Village of Tyonek & M-S Borough" includes a video. A unique first: First Ice-breaking catamaran acting as a full service ferry..http://indigenousmapping.net/the-news/latestnews/99-tyonekmsbmou.htm

If you want an additional place to share your Aboriginal Mapping news, please consider adding it directly into our forum or simply send me your news item and I'll ensure it gets posted.

I'll attempt sharing our most interesting stories about once a week here as well,

Back to the parade,


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