October 19 - Nov 1, 2008 News items from Indigenous Mapping Network

Hello again, Here's a sampling of last 2 week's news items.

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249 "tribal" search results on geodata.gov: maps; live, downloadable & offline data; docs; applications, geographic services & activities about 18 hours ago from web

American Public Health Assoc Mtg - 19+ Native American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islanders presentations used GIS http://tinyurl.com/fw996 about 21 hours ago from web
Ancient aboriginal burial site recorded w hand-drawn map in 1904 & forgotten in developing Orillia, Canada http://tinyurl.com/64ntkb 3:53 PM Nov 1st from web

OneGeology.org - an international initiative to create dynamic geological map data of the world and available by web for access by everyone.   6:45 PM Oct 31st from web
Mexican National Institute of Statistics and Geography Dataset of the Day: Indigenous Languages Spoken in Mexico http://tinyurl.com/6laoxx 12:56 AM Oct 31st from web
SCAR stresses traditional knowledge & indigenous voice in managing Polar land, resources, fate in climate change http://tinyurl.com/4u4td9 12:51 AM Oct 31st from web
Chris McKay awarded Youth Entrepreneur Award by Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund for GIS work w tribes / Aboriginal http://tinyurl.com/5djc2a 12:29 AM Oct 31st from web
The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Use USGS Funds for LIDAR Dataset Processing of Umatilla River in Oregon http://tinyurl.com/6k5sv3 11:39 AM Oct 30th from web
BOOK: "New heritage : new media and cultural heritage" Kalay, Y. ISBN 0415773563 includes review of GIS based cultural information systems 11:05 PM Oct 29th from web
UMapper - universal web-based map authoring app. Create interactive flash maps, export to Flash ActionScript, KML http://tinyurl.com/5hopt6 11:38 AM Oct 29th from web
NEW! groups.google.com/group/tribalgis A Tribal GIS Users Group 11:10 PM Oct 28th from web
Just posted Chris English from Bureau of Indian Affair: National Map Challenge http://tinyurl.com/6lc6wg 5:38 PM Oct 28th from web
Uploaded http://tinyurl.com/5melyu Leading Change 08, Oct 3 APA Indigenous Planning Division Meeting Ted Jojola Facilitator 11:49 AM Oct 28th from web
Tribes can receive free ESRI Image Server under DOI Enterprise License Agreement http://tinyurl.com/6epsd7 10:25 AM Oct 28th from web
http://tinyurl.com/6bcus6 "Mell's Tribal GIS Effort: Federal support reaffirmed" 9:55 AM Oct 28th from web
Obama's Play for Indian Country: expanding electoral map for Dems where Native voices are significant http://tinyurl.com/5uopyo 5:07 PM Oct 27th from web
Village Earth's work w Oglala Lakota Tribe (Pine Ridge Reservation) develop "Strategic Land Planning Map Books" http://tinyurl.com/59d9x9 12:38 PM Oct 27th from web
Indigenous rangers, marine scientists team up to map seabed - traditional Indigenous knowledge w latest technology http://tinyurl.com/62gbph 8:48 AM Oct 27th from web
Directions Mag Webinar Nov 13 1:30 EST Leveraging Location in a Lull: 4 Lessons to Grow Business & Deliver Results http://tinyurl.com/6n5vtf 8:39 AM Oct 27th from web
Live Access Server - highly configurable web server provides flexible access to geo-referenced scientific data http://tinyurl.com/5tc5ec 10:46 PM Oct 26th from web
sign the petition at www.FreeTheAirwaves.com by NOV 4 to get more high speed bandwidth in Indian Country. 8:51 AM Oct 26th from web

Day In the Life of a "Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act" Coordinator http://tinyurl.com/6qtl3o    4:59 PM Oct 25th from web
http://www.youtube.com/IndigMapNetwork features "Chiefly Leadership" indigenous planning keynote 12:22 PM Oct 24th from mobile web
Massachusetts Wampanoags sue for compensation & return of Mashpee land title http://www.nativebiz.com 3:55 PM Oct 23rd from web
Recovery of Native Space in NE ISBN 9780816647842 NE Native networks use writing as tool to reclaim rights & land http://tinyurl.com/5a6ohf 3:49 PM Oct 23rd from web
New web site inc 100+ videos of Kodiak residents tracking Vaseline lotion across country by interactive map http://tinyurl.com/68eacr 3:58 AM Oct 23rd from web
Blackfeet Indian Res, BIA, Anschutz begin oil exploration near E Glacier Park - subsurface/surface ownership maps http://tinyurl.com/6d5qj8 3:48 AM Oct 23rd from web
www.vision-du-ciel.com Flexible and high quality but low cost platform for aerial photography, monitoring, mapping and surveillance. 1:55 AM Oct 23rd from web
Indigenous Peoples' Center for Documentation, Research and Information now has rss feed www.docip.org 12:09 AM Oct 22nd from web 
09 NSDI CAP Open for Proposal Submission $1.3 mill available for geospatial projects. Tribal applications welcome! http://tinyurl.com/5tgh37 10:57 PM Oct 21st from web
Where can I fish? Natural Resource Web site places 1000s of Ohio resources into a "sport" map-driven directory http://tinyurl.com/6lyopx 8:28 AM Oct 21st from web
Book: Knowing Places: The Inuinnait, Landscapes, and the Environment By Béatrice Collignon, Linna Weber Müller-Wille ISBN 1896445330   2:10 AM Oct 21st from web  
"Exploiting Indigenous Geographic Understanding" by Paul W. Mapp is available from Melody Smith mlsmit@wm.edu via email on individual basis 2:04 AM Oct 21st from web  
09 ESRI User Conference notice on PPGIS.net requesting presentation topics relating to Indigenous Communities contact dgadsden@esri.com 2:02 AM Oct 21st from web
2008 Bioneers Conference included 42 Indigenous Knowledge presenters as well as the The Google Earth Outreach Team www.bioneers.org 1:43 AM Oct 21st from web  
ESRI extends the 2009 conference abstract deadline to November 14th. http://tinyurl.com/6mvyru 11:38 PM Oct 19th from web
Noticed a warning on OpenStreetMap: Proposed features/Tribal land - please add some content or it will be removed. http://tinyurl.com/6ycvt6 3:10 PM Oct 19th from web