Nov 2 - Nov 8, 2008 Tweets from Indigenous Mapping Network

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Quantum GIS (QGIS): user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows    10:55 PM Nov 8th from web
Fish & Wildlife Service Special 42p Endangered Species Bulletin on Native Am efforts to protect preserve & restore 7:45 PM Nov 8th from web
NPS National Register of Historic Places Showcase Website for National American Indian Heritage Month 7:20 PM Nov 8th from web

US DOE Tribal Energy Program Review Nov 17-20 Denver, CO. New inclusive forum where tribes learn from each other.    3:09 PM Nov 8th from web

NEW USGS 3D So Cal earthquake animations planned for the Great Southern California will be shown & available Nov 12 9:27 PM Nov 7th from web
Penn State College of Education receives funds to offer American Indian & Alaska Native grad student fellowships to become school principals 3:06 PM Nov 7th from web
BOOK: Invisible Indians: Native Americans in Pennsylvania ISBN 9781604975116 Recovering history, culture minus fed recognition & reservation 2:58 PM Nov 7th from web
EXHIBIT: Exploring the Early Americas - Library of Congress. Indigenous culture / maps / artifacts / history 2:42 PM Nov 7th from web
HOWTO: Microsoft Live Search Maps service now integrates MS Photosynth panoramic viewer technology 2:11 PM Nov 7th from web
ABSTRACT DEADLINE: Nov 21 for 2009 ESRI Federal User Conference 1:25 PM Nov 7th from web
08 BIA Oil & Gas Mining Leases Sale: Kiowa Comanche Apache Fort Sill Caddo Delaware Wichita. Tribal /Allotted Land 12:57 PM Nov 7th from web
ABSTRACT DEADLINE: Nov. 13 Association of American Geographers 09 Conference / Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group 12:35 PM Nov 7th from web
State Homeland Security Program Tribal announces $1.7 million to build preparedness & response capabilities & plan 8:02 AM Nov 7th from web news: White Mountain Apache Tribe receives Dept of Justice grant to implement sex offender & registration tracking office 7:35 AM Nov 7th from web
Chronological review of US laws affecting American Indians and the status of homelands 7:57 PM Nov 6th from web
ScapeToad - cartogram software adapts map surfaces to user-defined variables w out altering topological relations 7:25 PM Nov 6th from web

Native Peoples Working Group of Wildlife Society hosts "Managing Tribal Natural Resources" @ annual conference    7:10 PM Nov 6th from web
CFP: Native Lands, Climate Change & Environmental Issues - 7:00 AM Nov 6th from web
CFP: Indigenous Peoples and Rural Geography / THE IMPACTS OF RURALNESS TO INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AAG, Due Nov 12 3:34 PM Nov 5th from web
CFP: Waterways & Byways 1600–1890 w Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife. Native early transportation networks? ... 3:29 PM Nov 5th from web
Check out Mark Newman's from Uni of Michigan's changing face of 2008 election maps, very cool. 3:15 PM Nov 5th from web
What business opportunities are in online video? Attend NewTeeVee Live & find out. IMN readers get $200 discount 3:06 PM Nov 5th from web
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians sent books, guides, maps, & video to Troops in Afghanistan in celebration of Native American Heritage Month 11:58 PM Nov 4th from web
BOOK “Where the Mashel Meets the Nisqually: The Mashel Massacre of 1856,” a 40-pg paperback w maps & photographs. ... 11:48 PM Nov 4th from web
EPA, Nat. Geographic Society & World Resources Inst. to map ecosystem. Tribal land use decision-makers may benefit 6:09 PM Nov 4th from web
Rhode Island sues Tribe / challenges 1934 act of Feds taking land into trust regardless of tribal recognition date 10:18 AM Nov 4th from web
Tribal GIS Professionals Basic Metadata Workshop: Coeur d'Alene tribe's data security policy & Native places names 1:19 AM Nov 4th from web
ABSTRACT "Engaging w Indigital Geographic Information Networks" Mark Palmer. explores issues w GIS & Indigenous 11:40 PM Nov 3rd from web
Muslim group appeals Philippine Supreme Court: says indigenous ancestral domain agreement superior 2 Constitution 11:09 PM Nov 3rd from web

Did you know the pronunciation of Aboriginal names commonly trip up GPS units in Australia?    10:44 PM Nov 3rd from web  

Nov 24-28 Roundtable on Climate Tribal Energy Development & Habitat Protection by iiirm 8:21 PM Nov 2nd from web
Did you know NOVEMBER is National American Indian Heritage Month?! Pres Bush signs proclamation October 30, 2008 7:23 PM Nov 2nd from web
1st Bihar digital map survey will reveal obscure inaccessible tribal villages & chart future land development 4:43 PM Nov 2nd from web
BOOK "Teaching Cartography on the Web w a Multimedia GIS: A New Solution" ISBN 9783540720287 Indigenous oral / visual learning alternative! 2:29 PM Nov 2nd from web
Aotearoa article IDs conservation NGOs as new colonial agents w activities threatening indigenous lands / people 9:16 AM Nov 2nd from web