Fostering Local to Global Partnerships: Setting the Agenda for the Future of Indigenous Philanthropy

04/03/2009 8:00 am
04/05/2009 5:00 pm

IFIP’s Annual Conference
Santa Fe, New Mexico

IFIP is pleased to announce that our annual conference will take place in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, and that this year’s theme is “Fostering Local to Global Partnerships: Setting the Agenda for the Future of Indigenous Philanthropy”. This year’s conference will feature several pre-site visits on April 1-2 to the surrounding native communities and will have sessions highlighting three tracks that cover current issues in: Climate Change & Water Issues, Indigenous Rights, Sovereignty & Self Determination and Strengthening Indigenous Philanthropy. We have plans for a movie night, traditional dances and an eventful reception at the well known Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Museum.

On April 5th, IFIP will have joint sessions with its sister affinity member, Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) whose mission is to foster development and self determination in native communities through philanthropy. As part of the joint day we plan to have a World Café Dialogue which will give us an opportunity to redefine Native giving and philanthropy: a discussion of emerging and traditional practices.  This will be an opportunity for all IFIP and NAP constituents to be in the room together, and in mixed tables, sharing and discussing, answering questions, listening, reflecting and building wisdom together. We then will break the group into two parts: a workshop for grantseekers to build upon their skills to become more effective and a session for donors to develop some basic principles for grantmakers that work in native communities nationally and internationally, which will be endorsed by NAP and IFIP and sent to the philanthropic community. We also plan to hold a joint Award’s dinner honoring several leaders in philanthropy and an auction night.

 Fostering Local to Global Partnerships   

This year’s conference will provide an opportunity for dialogue and sessions that will explore new ways to build true partnerships, provide real examples of best donor practices and lessons learned, and raise broader awareness of cultural, environmental and globalization issues. One of our goals is to build partnership with the local communities and connect them with global networks. 

Setting the Agenda for the Future of Indigenous Philanthropy

Another major goal is to discuss IFIP’s recent research on Indigenous philanthropy, raising more awareness about the lack of funding for Indigenous communities and next steps for the future of International Indigenous Philanthropy. In 2005, the Foundation Center reported that US foundations gave $3.8 billion for international projects; only 0.003 percent supported Indigenous peoples. And yet IUCN estimates that 80 percent of the biodiversity-intense global hotspots are inhabited by Indigenous peoples.  While there may be many reasons, and justifications, for the small proportion of funding dedicated to Indigenous peoples, a principle causative factor lies in the lack of knowledge within the philanthropic community about why, what and how to give to Indigenous causes and/or communities.

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico and known for its many ancient Native American ruins, galleries, museums, historic architecture, shopping, and world-class restaurants that make it the visitor destination of the Southwest. New Mexico is home to 19 pueblos, including the eight Northern Indian Pueblos located north of Santa Fe.  We are pleased that the venue for this year’s conference will be at the Hotel Santa Fe, which is owned by the Picuris Pueblo community and our attendance at their hotel will support their many community projects including a language immersion and bison economic development projects.

Session Tracks:

TRACK 1:  Climate Change & Water Issues

TRACK 2: Indigenous Rights, Sovereignty & Self Determination

TRACK 3:  Strengthening Indigenous Philanthropy

Track Descriptions:

Climate Change & Water Issues

This track will explore the impacts of climate change and water issues and how they are affecting Indigenous livelihoods, cultures, spirituality and productive systems. It will also cover Indigenous knowledge and adaptation to climate change and water issues and how mitigation can adversely affect Indigenous Peoples.

Indigenous Rights, Sovereignty & Self Determination

This track will deal with current issues including land rights, legislation, conservation, bio-cultural rights, Indigenous governance and traditional culture, mining, forestry and bio-prospecting, Indigenous autonomy as a political model of defending Indigenous rights and culture. This track will also cover sovereignty and self determination issues.

Strengthening Indigenous Philanthropy

This track will cover strategies, best practices of grantmaking and different approaches to funding. It will also cover successful models of sustainable community development and tools for granting internationally and  how to evaluate impact.

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