Call for Proposals - 2009 Indigenous Mapping Network PLEASE DISTRIBUTE

Plan – Preserve – Protect
2009 Indigenous Mapping Network Conference under Oneida Nation of Wisconsin's Wings

Due March 15, 2009

“The map is the site of an intercultural dialogue about who we are and our
relationship to the land and to each other.” - Crawhall

Mapping for the sake of mapping does nothing to empower Indigenous people.
Mapping, done using a Western framework, continues to marginalize Indigenous
voices. Mapping, to extract cultural knowledge without protocols, deprives a
community of their dignity and, ultimately, of their cultural identity.

Indigenous Mapping Network believes mapping should reinforce Indigenous
knowledge systems and strengthen community control over cultural resources.
It should empower communities in its management of environmental knowledge
and cultural heritage especially when used to create inter-generational and
intercultural dialogues of learning. We invite you to share your mapping,
GIS, and planning experiences in a conference/forum setting.

The purpose of the gathering is threefold:
 1. Share GIS/mapping stories and solutions
 2. Strengthen and expand upon existing and upcoming Tribal GIS/mapping networks
 3. Promote discussion and interaction between Tribal people interested in
mapping/GIS technologies

Our goal is to assemble Indigenous/Tribal speakers and others working with
Indigenous communities who want to bring these discussions to the table:


    * Successful integration of mapping/GIS/planning infrastructure
    * Mapping strategies for communicating importance of cultural landscapes
    * Building/Strengthening regional/federal/international mapping networks


    * Cultural cartographic practices including storytelling, singing, and
    * Using geospatial technologies to identify/evaluate the vulnerability
of environmental resources


    * Cultural knowledge systems including medicine
    * Cultural sites including sacred sites of rituals and profane sites of
cultural significance
    * Land rights

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Rosemarie McKeon
Web Developer / Editor
Indigenous Mapping Network