workshops: Mapping Your Communities - An Introduction to GIS & Community Analysis

[Source: SDI-NorthAmerica and CONSGIS Listserv] 


The upcoming, hands-on GIS mapping workshops are geared toward beginners who would like to map demographic information within their communities. Each workshop focuses on teaching the fundamentals of using a Geographic Information System (GIS) for community analysis. Participants will learn to create thematic maps with Census data, Geocoding (Address mapping) and Spatial Queries. Other features of the workshop are learning to extract Census data and good map layout and design.


Mapping Your Communities: An Introduction to GIS & Community Analysis

April 30/May 1     Phoenix, AZ
May5/6                New York, NY
May8                    Albany, NY
May14/15            Chicago,IL
May14/15           Atlanta, GA
May19                  Dallas, TX
May21                  Houston, TX
May27/28            Austin,TX
May29                  San Antonio, TX
June2                    Eugene, OR
June4/5                Portland, OR 
June9/10           Kansas City,KS
June18/19         Raleigh, NC
June25/26         Indianapolis, IN
July7/8              Baltimore, MD
July9/10            Olympia,WA
July17               Seattle, WA
July22               Nashville, TN
July24               Memphis, TN
July29               Charleston, NC
July31               Louisville, KY

These are one-day workshops are held 8:30am - 4:30pm. Participants choose which day to attend. Cost: $495.

Audience: Beginners, anyone interested in mapping their community.Focus: This workshop is customized for each location.


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Contact: Gina Clemmer, New Urban Research, Inc., Tel. 877.241.6576,