ESRI Press Tutorial for Tribal Government

From the NW Tribal GIS listserve:

As you can see we have begun work on a second more comprehensive publication on the use of GIS within Tribal Government.  This effort is a formal ESRI Press Publication which we hope will result in a lasting educational resource for the use of GIS in Tribal Government.  There are two primary components. 

First, and most importantly, will be a printed publication based on your stories of how GIS is making a difference within your communities.  We hope to structure the chapters around typical Tribal Government business functions such as Realty, Transportation, and Natural Resources but we also hope to highlight less known application areas where GIS can help tribes address challenges such as Health or Economic Development.  

Secondly, ESRI Instructors will author a tutorial following each chapter which will give new and existing tribal GIS users a step by step approach to applying GIS to that application area.  These lessons will be delivered digitally which will allow us to keep them up to date through new software releases and evolving data standards for Tribal GIS.  We feel this approach will result in a lasting educational resource for Tribal GIS and it's our hope you can contribute.   Please keep in mind that multiple tribes will be featured in each chapter so even if you can only contribute a short success story there may still be a way to include your work in the book. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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ESRI Tutorial for Tribal Government

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ESRI and the authors of the 2008 publication Tribal GIS: Supporting Native American Policies with GIS are planning a second book to further support the use of GIS by tribal governments. The goal is to provide hands-on lessons on the use of GIS in a variety of tribal government functions, such as transportation, realty, and natural resource management. We hope this effort results in a lasting training resource that will make GIS accessible to a larger audience, particularly youth and tribe members.

ESRI is currently looking for examples of GIS programs that are making a significant difference in support of tribal governments. We'd like to know how you are using GIS to solve problems, meet particular needs, or grapple with management issues.

To have your tribal GIS program considered for this book, simply tell us of your interest in participating. Your expression of interest does not commit you to participate in the book. There will be no requirement for the tribe to share any GIS data that it considers sensitive.

Tell us about your work in tribal GIS
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