Redesign of Website

Wow. Like the web changes.

Your website is so much cleaner, crisper and easier to navigate around.

I like the map gallery at the top,  and dissolving maps. wish i could stop the disslove and view a larger edition of a particular map before it disappears.

thanks for putting the login up at top and on the side. helps me remember what i'm doing.

the light yellow/green text under active text could be alittle darker as its hard to read.

Good job and inspirational..

Trendsetting AMN!:)

Rosemarie McKeon
Web Dev / Editor


Thanks for your feedback,

Thanks for your feedback, Rosemarie. We have a few bugs and additional tweeks to make (including the font colour), but look for those changes to occur soon.

We have a number of new resources, books, manuals, and tools to announce, so keep checking back to learn more.

I like your idea of hyperlinking the dynamic map, and we have added that to our growing wish list.



Seems to be a deadlink for me 'page not found' from The Network section of the site, otherwise, pleasently simple layout, easy to navigate.

Hard to get lost here (even more so for map makers haha).